Boxby functional dog treats to support your dog

Your dog's health is as important as your own. That's why Boxby has developed a new range of functional dog treats. We worked together with veterinarian specialists and based our recipes on scientifically proven quality to give the best support whenever your dog needs it. With natural treats as well as supplement treats, Boxby is always there.

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When your dog needs weight support

Weight problems can lead to all kind of problems. Studies show that slim dogs have delayed onset of chronic illnesses. Obese dogs show an increased quality of life after successful weight loss. Excess weight is easier to prevent than to treat, so keeping a lifelong healthy weight will help keeping dogs healthier and happier and maximize their lifespans.

Facts about
Boxby Weight Support

Ingredients: potato flakes, lamb (26%), rice flour, glycerin, coconut fat, mono propylen glycol, inulin, sunflower oil.

Analytical constituents: 16% crude protein, 6.5% crude fat, 7.5% crude ash, 1% crude fibre, 20% moisture

Additives: Preservatives (citric acid, potassium sorbate)

Feeding guide: < 10KG 1-5 pcs per day 10-30KG 3-10 pcs per day >30KG 5-15 pcs per day

Low and unsaturated fat level: 3.5%

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